The Best Times For Instagram Posts in 2023 [Complete Guide]

Best Times For Instagram Posts in 2023

Are you looking to improve your Instagram game in 2023?

If so, you're in luck – this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the best time to post on Instagram.

The Best Times For Instagram Posts in 2023 [Complete Guide]
The Best Times For Instagram Posts in 2023 [Complete Guide]

Although some people might think that there is no such thing as a 'best' time to post on Instagram, the truth is that timing can be quite important.

By posting at the right time of day, you can significantly increase the chances of your content being seen by more people.

So what are the best times to post on Instagram?

Read on to find out.

Best Times for Instagram Posts

Is there a best time of day to post on Instagram?

The answer is maybe.

While some studies show that posting during off-peak hours (nights and weekends) will get you more engagement, others say that it doesn’t matter when you post as long as your content is good.

What are the Three Best Times to Post on Instagram?

According to Sprout Social, the best times to post on Instagram are 2:00 p.m., 8:00–9:00 p.m., and 5:00 a.m.

These are all in EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Best Times of Day to Post on Instagram

Monday: 7:00 am – 10:00 am & 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm.

Tuesday – Thursday: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm & 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

Friday:10:00 am – 11:00 am & 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

Saturdays and Sundays have lower engagement overall, but these may still be the best days and times for you to test out based on when your specific audience is most active.

While there is no definitive answer as to the best time of day to post on Instagram, these are some general guidelines that you can follow.

Experiment with different times and see what works best for you and your audience.

How to use Instagram

With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great way to connect with friends, family, and followers from all over the world.

And, with over 500 million daily active Stories users, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses and individuals to share their stories and connect with their audience.

But when it comes to using Instagram effectively, there's more to it than just posting pretty pictures.

To make the most of this social platform, you need to be strategic about when you post, what you post, and how you interact with others.

Here are some tips on how to use Instagram effectively in 2023:

Use Relevant Hashtags

  • Hashtags are a great way to help your content be discovered by people who are interested in that topic.
  • When you use relevant hashtags, you're more likely to reach people who are interested in what you're sharing - which means they're more likely to engage with your content.
  • So, if you want your content to be seen by more people (and potentially go viral), make sure you're using relevant hashtags.

Post-High-Quality Content

  • In a world where we're constantly bombarded with content, the content you share must be high-quality and worth someone's time.
  • No one wants to see low-quality photos or videos that have been hastily put together - so don't waste your time (or your followers' time) by posting subpar content.
  • Take the time to create beautiful visuals and helpful/engaging videos, and your followers will appreciate it.

Engage With Other Users

  • If you want people to engage with your content, then you need to engage with theirs.
  • Take the time to like and comment on other peoples' posts - especially if they're in your target market or industry.
  • Not only will this help get your name out there, but it'll also help build relationships with other users - which could lead to collaborations down the road.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

  • With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram Stories is a powerful tool that shouldn't be ignored.
  • If used correctly, Stories can help increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to your website or blog.
  • So if you're not already using Stories, now is the time! Utilize features like polls and quizzes, go live often, and take advantage of story highlights so that new visitors can easily catch up on what they've missed.

Use Instagram Ads

  • If you want to reach a larger audience on Instagram, then you need to start using ads.
  • Instagram ads are an effective way to boost your reach and get your content in front of people who wouldn't have otherwise seen it.
  • And, with over 2 million active advertisers, there's no reason not to give them a try.

Keep Your Profile Updated

  • Make sure your profile is always up-to-date so that new visitors (and potential customers) can easily find out what you do and why they should follow you.
  • Include a clear description of what you do, as well as a link to your website or blog.
  • And if you're a business, don't forget to include your contact information.

Analyze Your Insights

  • Finally, don't forget to analyze your insights so that you can see what's working and what's not.
  • Instagram provides valuable data on things like the best time to post, the types of posts that perform well, and which hashtags are most popular.
  • So take advantage of this data and use it to improve your strategy moving forward.

The Importance of Using Instagram

As we all know, social media is a huge part of our lives nowadays.

It seems like everyone is on at least one form of social media if not multiple.

And with good reason.

Social media can be used for so many different things staying in touch with friends and family, networking, promoting businesses, sharing news and events, and so much more.

Out of all the different social media platforms out there, Instagram has become one of the most popular, especially among younger users.

In fact, according to Statista, as of July 2020, there are over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram.

So Why is Instagram So Popular?

  • Part of it has to do with the fact that it's visual.
  • We live in a very visually-oriented society, and people are naturally drawn to things that they can see.
  • With Instagram, users can scroll through their feeds and get a quick glimpse into what their friends and favorite celebrities are up to.
  • Another reason why Instagram is so popular is that it's easy to use.
  • Unlike some other social media platforms out there cough Facebook cough, you don't need to put a lot of effort into setting up your profile or understanding how everything works.
  • You can pretty much start using it right away without any issues.
  • But I think the biggest reason why Instagram is so popular is that it's fun.
  • Unlike other forms of social media like Twitter or LinkedIn which can sometimes feel a little dry or formal, Instagram is all about sharing lighthearted moments and funny stories.
  • It's a great platform for showing off your personality and connecting with others who have similar interests.
  • So now that we know why Instagram is so popular, let's talk about why you should start using it in 2023.

Post-Times To Avoid

  • Let's get back into people's natural routines.
  • Weekends typically have lower levels of engagement.
  • Do not ignore it all.
  • Friday is an appropriate time to post when you are writing correctly.
  • Branding offering consumer products generally sees a high engagement Sunday afternoons.
  • It is widely acknowledged however that Saturdays are typically not the most productive for posting because most people are preparing to decompress.
  • Most likely, they won't even get a chance to go on Instagram.
  • As I said above, there were good engagement levels on Sunday.

The Best Time to Post is Based on Location & Time Zone

Each hour on this planet we have 24 different time zones.

When evaluating a site for posting, think about where the audience and customers are located.

If 65% of all of your followers live outside the United Kingdom, then you should check the timezone of the people who live around your location and see how the time zones fit their needs.

The continental United States consists of four distinct time zones, The state is grouped as Alaska is in a different time zone than Hawaii.

Starting with New Hampshire and traveling west to California, the time zones are Eastern Central, Mount, and Pacific.

What Time are Instagram Users Most Active?

Firstly, be reminded the planet has many time zones.

Also, knowing how to find the right audience is essential as the time that follows depends upon their local time zone.

I will be able to go deeper into that later in the discussion of Instagram insights.

After you have decided this, you can think of the things people do every day.

Most of the time people are looking at their newsfeeds or Instagram Stories.

It could therefore be the most convenient day to write a blog at 8 am the following day. Other occasions when people use smartphones are during lunchtime.

Best Time to Post on Instagram by Days of the Week

Each account on Instagram has a different audience in different locations and time zones, so figuring out the best Instagram posting times is crucial.

Best Time to Post on Instagram by Days of the Week
Best Time to Post on Instagram by Days of the Week

Although finding the best time for displaying pictures on Instagram is unique to a particular Instagram account, some days generally correspond to a greater Instagram response.

Later we analyze 12 million Instagram posts from a variety of Instagram users for their secret to posting to Instagram.

How We Found the Best Instagram Posting Times

These figures have been retrieved through two sources.

It is also the HubSpot Instagram Engaged report from 2022.

The study examined 110 million posts on 1 million Instagram accounts.

The document also includes sections specifically for English-language countries.

They looked at data sourced from more than 85 million employees across North America.

These articles contain further original research from the HubSpot team.

They have asked 3,000 Instagrammers to share their favorite time of day for their posting on Instagram.

Overall Best Time to Post on Instagram for Likes, Comments, and Shares

In our analysis, we analyzed more than 300,000 Instagram posts by businesses from every continent.

We then consulted with our social team to gain insight on posting to 170k followers.

Instagram's best day is 11 am Wednesday. Instagram users interact most frequently at work hours between 10 - 14 hours.

And this makes sense — this would be a great day for a little rest.

Weekends are usually the worst days for posting, and they aren't usually a very productive time.

Why do People Post on Instagram at a Certain Time?

Globally, Statista estimates that mobile user spends 1.2 hours a month on Instagram.

This is about 1% of the time your users spend each month.

It also helps to post when the top users are on the web.

This allows you to communicate with the followers of this page faster.

But for most marketers, it's simply a way of completing a busy workday.

I find posting when I'm comfortable can sometimes be tempting or scheduling for an appropriate time even when I have nothing to prove.

Testing New Algorithms

  • Instagram has a constant update process that shapes user experiences and helps users make better decisions.
  • Your company needs quick knowledge of what changes might impact your users and your strategic plans.
  • Algorithms require complexity.
  • Instagram says each feature is based on a unique algorithm.
  • Often your videos appear in your feed but don't surface on Discover.
  • And there is a reason.
  • It could impact the entire organization immediately.
  • There is an alternative approach to managing this update.
  • You may also follow social media news. However, to understand recent algorithm improvements, you must perform a series of tests.

Building Loyal Audiences

  • Loyalties need time and effort. The challenges are incredibly tough for small businesses if they need to rival huge brand names via social media.
  • Posting during peak hours helps you reach your most active followers simultaneously.
  • You show your customers you are interested in them so they keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.
  • They can then determine their expectations.
  • Building loyalty involves more than just good products and services.
  • The goal of having a consistent presence within feeding is to strengthen relationships.

Increasing Reach

  • Some users use Instagram for their followers' business interests.
  • Many people use Instagram to get ideas.
  • This post from an AI researcher describes some factors for new visitors to find you on Facebook.
  • One factor is the fact that they were recently engaged.
  • It highlights how crucial fresh content is to Instagram.
  • Hence, if your post occurs while you are promoting yourself on social media, the content you create is the first thing people see.
  • Similarly, engagement increases ranking factors too.
  • Increases a user’s chances for your website to be accessed by a new user.

Find Your Best Customers

  • The survey showed 44% of respondents use Instagram daily to shop.
  • You need to connect immediately on social media.
  • How do you find your customers using a great posting schedule?
  • You are probably new to this business.
  • The time you'll get to see how your customers are on Facebook can be viewed below.
  • So you can see from someone's point of view, and use this data to improve the content you are creating.
  • People from banking can also be reached via Instagram on Sunday nights.
  • It starts shortly before the start of the work week.

Increasing Engagement

  • In 2022, HubSpot reported the global average Instagram engagement rates were around 6%.
  • That would mean that engagements would double by 2020.
  • The interaction with Instagram is similar to throwing rocks at the water.
  • It appears that the immediate like or comment on a page is the most likely reason why the post gets seen more times.
  • The ripples will follow from the next feature on Instagram such as a Favorite Search or a video.
  • Those features are all algorithmic.
  • Those characteristics also weigh different engagements.

Streamlining your Posting Schedule

  • Choosing a suitable time will make planning a post easier.
  • Many social media marketers have benefited from social scheduling software.
  • This tool may help simplify a social post process, but it'll take some time to find your results if you don't use the proper time.
  • It'll take you a while to create great, relevant content.
  • Setting posting time helps you develop more personal social media calendars to suit your ideal buyers.

Understanding New Features

  • It makes it easier to understand the new features of Instagram.
  • Carousel stories and pictures add to Instagram's uniqueness.
  • And, according to content and industries, these have varying rates of engagement.
  • If you're investing money on Instagram you need some strategy.
  • Strategy often consists of a wide variety of content.
  • You want useful and eye-catching content. Instagram can make some interesting changes with a few quick changes.

Best Time To Post On Instagram In India & UK

India's most popular photo-sharing software provides access to nearly 240 million users worldwide.

So it is imperative to know how much time it takes to post on Instagram in Indian countries to increase its visibility in India.

Instagram has 32 million subscribers globally.

Men make up 40% of Instagram's football conversation.

Instagram followers would enjoy seeing posts of their favorite football matches at all times.

The Best Time to Post Instagram Stories

In addition, knowing the audience and their habits will also help increase engagement in the story.

In the morning hours and during lunch break and later hours you'll get the best views and these are generally the best time for Instagram photos.

While most Instagrammers post more on weekends, it is less likely they see others' stories.

The best day to share your Instagram story is during the week around lunchtime.

Why Can't I Just Post at any Time on Instagram?

You can post on Instagram whenever you wish.

Regardless of whether you want to get engaged or not, your goal should be to appear in an audience.

You will be able to post endless times on Instagram without any growth.

The news was huge and caused some social media burnout as well.

Rather than working harder, you must focus on being smarter.

So we have to know which day is most appropriate for publishing photos and posts on Instagram depending on time zone & industry.


As we can see from the data, the best time to post on Instagram in 2023 is between 9 am and 11 am.

This is when people are most active on the platform and are more likely to see your content.

However, it's important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to social media marketing.

What works for one business might not work for another.

So, experiment with different posting times and see what works best for you and your audience.

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